Successful e-Plant Clinic launch in Nepal

Blog e-Plant Clinic training in Pokhara, Nepal (© CABI)

E-plant clinic training commenced in Pokhara, Nepal, today, after a successful launch in Kathmandu earlier this week. ICT intervention for the country is funded by the Centre for Applied Crop Science (CACS), UK Government and training was inaugurated in Kathmandu by Dr. Suroj Pokharel, Secretary, Ministry of Agricultural Development and chaired by Sh. Dila Ram Bhandari, Director General, Department of Agriculture.

Vinod Pandit, CABI Country Coordinator for Nepal, told 42 experienced plant doctors from 45 districts, how they had been especially chosen to launch this new approach and how tablets will make the running of their clinics more efficient. An introduction to e-plant clinics in extension was given by Dr. Dilli Ram Sharma, Program Director, PPD and Dr. Vinod Pandit, CABI Country Coordinator.

e-Plant Clinic training in Pokhara, Nepal (© CABI)

The training was facilitated by Dr. Claire Beverley and Dr. Manju Thakur, from CABI’s Plantwise Knowledge Bank team. Mr Subedi, National Data Manager, said in his opening speech to plant doctors in Pokhara, “We have found a solution for the data, so use it. If the data comes, we will be successful”. The National Coordinator for Plantwise, Dilli Ram Sharma, said he will be able to monitor the flow of plant clinic data and plant clinic activities using this new ICT. All the plant doctors in training seemed excited to work on this new approach to the extension system in Nepal.

Contributed by Dr. Claire Beverley, Dr. Manju Thakur and Dr. Vinod Pandit

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