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Over the course of the two-day CABI Review Conference last week in Oxford, over 100 attendees of member countries, invited observers and CABI staff heard and discussed presentations which highlighted key projects across the organization. Plantwise was no exception.

On hand to give an overview of Plantwise, now operating in 31 countries worldwide, was Plantwise Programme Executive Ulrich Kuhlmann. Click here to watch his full presentation at CABI RC13.

In addition to this presentation reflecting on the Plantwise concept, the growth of the initative and next steps for the future, the Plantwise session at RC13 zeroed in on one particular model country for Plantwise sustainability: Kenya.

Two keynote speakers from Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture –  Head of Extension James Wajohi, and plant doctor Rose Kamau – brought the Plantwise experience to life for the audience, sharing two different perspectives from the national and community level of Plantwise day-to-day operations, and big picture impacts. The key message from partners in Kenya: Plantwise is here to stay. Click here to view James’ presentation, and here for Rose’s.

Finally to cap off these Plantwise highlights was a video capturing the voices of four farmers, interviewed last month outside of the market in Wangige.  “Plants are alive, and everything that is alive has changes,” shares George, a Kenyan coffee and vegetable farmer. “If I see any changes, I have to go back to the clinic to be advised.”

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