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This November, the Department of Entomology at Bangladesh Agricultural University marked a significant milestone. Sixty master’s students, guided by the esteemed Professor Dr. Mohammad Shaef Ullah, completed the CABI Academy online course Introduction to Bioprotection Products

Department of Entomology at Bangladesh Agricultural University
Students from Department of Entomology at Bangladesh Agricultural University. Image: CABI

This accomplishment underscores the dedication of the students. Moreover, it highlights CABI Academy’s pivotal role in shaping the future of plant health. CABI Academy is part of the PlantwisePlus programme, which supports countries in predictingpreventing, and preparing for plant health threats in the face of a changing climate. As such, the programme enhances knowledge and the uptake of integrated pest management (IPM) practices through responsive digital advisory tools and digital learning.

The course, designed by CABI’s dedicated digital learning team, stands out for its comprehensive coverage of the latest advancements in bioprotection field. With a commitment to staying abreast of emerging trends, CABI Academy ensures that students receive the most relevant and up-to-date information, positioning them as experts in the dynamic field of bioprotection. The certification from CABI Academy signifies a mastery of the subject. It also reflects a dedication to providing informed and practical advice.

The collaboration between Bangladesh Agricultural University and CABI Academy is a shining example of the synergy between academic institutions and specialized educational platforms. This collaborative effort enriches the educational experience. Equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to address the challenges of a rapidly evolving field. Dr. Mohammad Shaef Ullah envisions a future where students not only excel in their academic pursuits but also actively contribute to the advancement of plant protection on a global scale.

PlantwisePlus and CABI Academy

CABI Academy

CABI’s global PlantwisePlus programme delivers digital advisory tools that boost sustainable agriculture. They improve the capacity of public and private actors who support smallholder farmers in diagnosing crop health problems and recommending sustainable solutions.

PlantwisePlus aims to increase access to intuitive decision support tools and information. This enables advisors and farmers to make more informed decisions in their crop management.

CABI Academy brings together CABI’s expertise in crop health, agricultural advisory services and digital development. And creates a range of online training courses and certifications that build capacity and strengthen the advice available to farmers.

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