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Two plant clinics were set up in the CABI pavilion at the recent Agri Expo in Lahore

The Agriculture Department in Pakistan recently organised a two-day agriculture expo (23-24 June 2018) at the Expo center Lahore. The aim of the expo was to introduce recent interventions and advances in the agriculture sector to both farming and non-farming communities.
The Plantwise team set up two plant clinics in the CABI pavilion and provided on the spot advisory services to farmers from diagnosis to prevention. Plant doctors shared research-based knowledge and solutions with farmers regarding different field-related issues. A large number of farmers visited the plant clinics seeking solutions and guidance from the doctors.
Mr. Uzair, a young farmer from central Punjab was facing problems with weeds in his rice crop. During his visit to the Agri. Expo, he dropped by the plant clinic and discussed his problem with a plant doctor. His problem was diagnosed and he was given proper recommendations to control the rice crop weeds.
“I have recently started farming and while cultivating rice crop, I became worried when I saw weeds in my field. The plant clinic diagnosed my problem and gave me a proper recommendation. I am happy that CABI’s plant clinics are providing on the spot reliable knowledge and information to farmers”. He added that for young farmers plant clinics would be very helpful to overcome the challenges of field crops, and further expressed, “I will also tell my fellow young farmers to visit plant clinics whenever they face any problems and need expert advice”.
Urban residents who are involved in urban farming and kitchen gardening also visited plant clinics and discussed their problems and issues with the plant doctors to seek technical advice. One commented, “the plant clinics should also be set up in urban areas to facilitate urban residents in order to promote and strengthen kitchen gardening and urban farming”.
The plant doctors reported that visitors were very interested in the plant clinics and getting advice. With the event bringing together a more diverse range of farmers, Plantwise was able to showcase the ability of plant doctors to help across communities.
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