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MoALF, CABI and USDA representatives meeting in Point Fortin, Trinidad

On the 6 of March 2017, the Honourable Minister of Agriculture Land and Fisheries of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr Clarence Rambharat, and his team met with CABI Plantwise Regional Coordinator, Dr. Yelitza Colmenarez and with the USDA representative for the Caribbean Mr. Wayne De Chi , in order to review and restructure Plantwise activities in the country. “Food security is one of our national priority areas and it’s important to keep supporting the Plantwise activities in the country in order to ensure farmers are getting the technical advice needed”, the Minister said.
Plantwise has been implemented in Trinidad and Tobago since 2012 and a presentation showing the analysis of the Plant clinic data was presented, showing the major crops and pests that farmers are bringing to plant clinics from 2012- 2016. The analysis of the data was very well received and it was discussed the importance of having this type of tool available to be used for decision makers, extension officers, researchers, and planning purposes. Having the new Plantwise national coordination team in place we are looking forward to improve the activities implemented in the country. Reinforcing the Plant Health System in the country will also allow us to join efforts to provide solutions to the major agricultural problems that farmers face in Trinidad and Tobago.
Contributed by Yelitza Colmenarez, CABI

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