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The 100th Plantwise Factsheet for Farmers, written by a Senior Agricultural Officer from Zambia's Department of Agriculture

The 1000th Plantwise Factsheet for Farmers, written by a Senior Agricultural Officer from Zambia’s Department of Agriculture

Today, we are celebrating the publication of the 1000th Plantwise Factsheet for Farmers (PFFFs) on the Plantwise knowledge bank!

PFFFs are written by trained partners in Plantwise countries around the world. Each factsheet provides information on how to recognise the problem, some background details about the problem and offers effective management advice to enable the problem to be controlled. After peer review, the factsheets go through technical validation to ensure that the factsheets offer management advice that is scientifically sound, and safe and practical for a farmer to implement. Once finalised, PFFFs are distributed to plant clinics where they are used to support extension workers in providing farmers with the best possible crop protection recommendations. This makes PFFFs a key resource in preventing crop losses to pests and diseases, boosting food security and improving livelihoods. 

All published factsheets can be accessed on the Plantwise knowledge bank. The site search allows you to find factsheets on a specific pest, or the range of factsheets available for a particular crop. The PFFFs can be viewed on the knowledge bank and are also available as PDFs which can be downloaded and printed for distribution. The booklet builder allows you to create a single PDF of factsheets relevant to your country at the click of a button.

The most recent innovation for factsheet access is the development of the Plantwise Factsheet Library app, which enables plant doctors and extension workers to take all relevant factsheets with them to the field. The Factsheet library app has been designed to be effective on low cost tablets, making knowledge on pests accessible anywhere in the world. Read more about this innovation here or visit the Google play store to download the app direct to your Android device.

Screenshots from the Plantwise Factsheet Library

Screenshots from the Plantwise Factsheet Library

PFFFs are just one type of content that is available to access free from the Plantwise knowledge bank. Pest Management Decision Guides (PMDGs) are also produced by partners in Plantwise countries and provide a range of Integrated Pest Management options for the control of a particular pest. These materials contain “green” (non-chemical) and “yellow” (chemical) recommendations to allow extension staff to consider a range of options, and recommend the most appropriate option on a case-by-case basis.

The Plantwise knowledge bank is central to the Plantwise global programme, which is currently active in 34 countries and aims to help farmers in developing countries to reduce crop losses to pests and diseases.

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