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Here are the ten most recent pest alerts from the published scientific literature from around the globe:
Occurrence of the Indian wax scale (Coccomorpha: Coccidae: Ceroplastes ceriferus) outdoors in Hungary.
Szita, É.; Érsek, L. (2017) Növényvédelem 53 (4) 148-151.
Isolation and identification of Burkholderia gladioli on Cymbidium orchids in Korea.
Moon HyeRan; Park HyeJee; Jeong ARam; Han SangWook; Park ChangJin (2017) Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment 31 (2) 280-288.
First record of invasive tomato spider mite Tetranychus evansi (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Turkey.
Kazak, C.; Döker, İ.; Karut, K. (2017) International Journal of Acarology 43 (4) 325-328.
First report of Parietaria mottle virus associated with yellowing disease in Diplotaxis tenuifolia in Italy.
Parrella, G.; Greco, B.; Troiano, E. (2017) Plant Disease 101 (5) 850-851.
First report of Maize dwarf mosaic virus in Johnsongrass in Oklahoma.
Wijayasekara, D.; Ali, A. (2017) Plant Disease 101 (5) 850.
First report of Tobacco vein banding mosaic virus infecting sesame in China.
Wang, H. Y.; Gong, H. H.; Yan, Z. Y.; Tang, W.; Zhu, T. S.; Zhao, M.; Li, X. D. (2017) Plant Disease 101 (5) 850.
First report of Sweet potato leaf curl virus infecting sweet potato in Sudan.
Mohammed, H. S.; El-Siddig, M. A.; El-Hussein, A. A.; Ibrahim, F. A.; Navas-Castillo, J.; Fiallo-Olivé, E. (2017) Plant Disease 101 (5) 849-850.
First report of Spiranthes mosaic virus 3 in Phlox spp. in New Zealand.
Tang, J.; Khan, S.; Quinn, B.; Veerakone, S.; Milleza, E.; Ward, L. I. (2017) Plant Disease 101 (5) 849.
First report of Blackberry chlorotic ringspot virus in black raspberry (Rubus coreanus) in Korea.
Seo, J. K.; Kim, M. K.; Kwak, H. R.; Choi, H. S. (2017) Plant Disease 101 (5) 848-849.
First report of Chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus infecting cucumber in Pakistan.
Hameed, U.; Zia-ur-Rehman, M.; Ali, S. A.; Haider, M. S.; Brown, J. K. (2017) Plant Disease 101 (5) 848.

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