Making the most of the knowledge bank: top tools and information

Untitled pictureWelcome to the third in our series on making the most of the knowledge bank. This time we turn our attention to a section of the knowledge bank which contains a huge amount of valuable information but that is all too often overlooked – the Links to useful information and tools. This is which is where you’ll find all the key links to information about crop protection. Importantly, the links page is specific to each country or region, so all the information on the page will be relevant to your location.


Some of the links that appear on this page are relevant to all countries. These appear together at the top of the page:

  • Plantwise diagnostic field guide download page
  • International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)
  • FAO’s Plant Production and Protection Division (AGP)
  • CABI’s Diagnostic services
  • Plantwise Red List of restricted chemicals
  • Information sources for writing extension materials

The links that follow are all country or region specific links that have been identified by people familiar with the Plant Health System in that location. These links include:

  • Links to relevant organisations / government ministries – quick links directly to the websites of plant health stakeholders in your location
  • Lists of banned/registered pesticides – which pesticides are and are not available for use in your area
  • Plant Diagnostic Services – the diagnostic laboratories where different types of plant samples can be sent for identification in your country
  • National variety lists – the crop varieties available in your country

If there are any other links that would be useful for your country, please add the URL and your country to the comments, below.

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