Data management training in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – looking back on a successful trip!

In the first week of September, 2014, Claire Beverley and I went to Cambodia for three days to run data management training and a cluster meeting, along with our colleague Jeremy Ngim from the CABI Malaysia office. The presentations were given in English and translated into Khmer, which was a neat experience for all. We got the opportunity to talk with plant doctors and their supervisors about current issues with data management in Cambodia, and how harmonising, analysing, and sharing of data can work within Cambodia.

The General Directorate of Agriculture in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. ©CABI
One of the translators, Ho Chea, patiently getting materials ready for a harmonisation exercise. ©CABI
Participants listening enthusiastically to Claire presenting. ©CABI
Birds of Paradise at lunch break. ©CABI
Participants discussing ways issues and solutions with data flow in Cambodia. ©CABI
Claire working with one of the translators, Sarika, to facilitate a discussion in both English and Khmer! ©CABI
Emily, happy to be talking about data! ©CABI
Claire and Emily exploring Phnom Penh in a tuk-tuk. ©CABI
Delicious snacks at tea – can you name the fruits in this picture? ©CABI



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