Farmers now have a stronger voice in the Plant Health System


Recently in New Delhi, the Plantwise team in India held a plant health stakeholder workshop between 24th -26th September to discuss and review the programme implementation in 3 states across India; Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, and Pondicherry. All in-country stakeholders including the State Department of Agriculture, Jammu M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, and National Agro foundation-FPOs participated in the 3-day event followed by a field visit to Trichy.

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Tuta absoluta: combating the tomato leafminer [Video]

A recent IPM workshop in Ethiopia focussed on the tomato leafminer – a pest that causes devastation on tomato crops in Europe, Africa and South America. This video shows how the workshop attendees dedicated their time to finding out more about the pest, seeing it in the field, and working on recommendations for control.

To view factsheets, maps, images and new reports of this pest, visit the Plantwise Knowledge Bank.

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What is M&E? and Gender Mainstreaming?


M&E is more than just a development buzzterm, it’s “a way of thinking” explains INTRAC workshop leader Max Peberdy, who was part of a the week-long training course for CABI staff in the UK. Plantwise programme leaders were among those learning how to embed montitoring and evaluation (M&E) as well as gender responsiveness into everyday project planning, and outcome tracking, for immediate and long term goals.   Continue reading