East Africa’s bean industry adapts to¬†climate change

bean industry adapts to climate change
Climate change is likely to have a severe impact on East Africa’s bean industry. Beans are a vital crop, with over 200 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa depending on them as their most important pulse.
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Factsheet of the month: May 2015 – Tolerant bean varieties against stem maggots

The saying ‚Äúprevention is better than cure‚ÄĚ is no more true than when applied to agriculture. Taking precautionary measures against common pests can increase farmer income by investing¬†a small amount of money into minimising crop losses, ensuring a high yield. Preventative measures can include correct land preparation, physical barriers, field hygiene and cultivation of tolerant…
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Update: Plant Health News (23 Apr 14)

Here’s a taste of some of the latest stories about plant health, including the postharvest pathology of beans, a reduction in the proportion of shade grown coffee and the filamentous fungus that may be effective at controlling sugarcane nematodes. Click on the link to read more of the latest plant health news!
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