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Plantwise is thrilled to announce over 150 000 records of visits by farmers to plant clinics have now been stored on the secure part of the Knowledge Bank site, the Plantwise Online Management System (POMS). Plant doctors are diagnosing pests and diseases and providing recommendations to help farmers reduce crop losses.


The data on the POMS are being used at national levels to support decision-making and activities. These include informing scientific reports, proposals, and conferences, watching for signs of emerging chemical resistance, monitoring the spread of invasive species, analyzing gender-by-crop information promoting women’s empowerment, informing surveillance and rapid responses, and comparing trends from the clinic reports with official statistics from the country, among others. Contributing to this total exciting new numbers of records, Plantwise is also celebrating the submission of over 10 000 records from e-clinics on POMS, which encourages a rapid flow of data through the use of tablets, from collection at plant clinics to being available online for countries to view and download.

These incredible milestones has many people to thank – from plant doctors hard at work in clinics helping farmers by diagnosing pests and diseases, national data managers, donors, and all the other roles in Plantwise involved in collecting and managing data, especially including our IT team. This year alone we have almost doubled the number of records available to download and analyze on the POMS. We are constantly working with our partners to keep improving the data flow from the field to the POMS. Our aim is to empower countries to take ownership of their data and put it to good use to improve plant health systems.

Written by Emily Palmer.

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  1. Mark Curry Macfarlane on 2nd January 2016 at 9:09 AM

    I like this site so much, bookmarked. “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.” by Peter De Vries.

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