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Titel page Plant Doctor Game Over 500 million smallholder farmers worldwide provide food for two-thirds of the earth’s growing population. These farmers, and the major challenges they face due to crop health problems, is the focus of the Plant Doctor Game app launched by the  Plantwise programme at the Swiss Pavilion during Expo Milano 2015.

So far, the Plant Doctor Game app has been downloaded more than 1111 times!

Help us to raise this number further and download the game today! – plant, play and keep the crops alive. Share your score on Facebook and challenge friend and colleagues.

The app is based on real life plant clinics helping farmers worldwide. In the Plant Doctor Game you meet the farmer who grows your favourite foods, plant on their farm, and help at the plant clinic to fight dangerous pests. With your help, farmers in the game can identify and defeat pests, feed their families and earn vital income. Each time you save a crop, you gain virtual “food security points” to build a food-secure world.

For Plantwise, the Plant Doctor Game app is a tool to raise awareness and connect the public to some of the common challenges facing smallholder farmers with a focus on plant health problems. It is aimed at everyone curious about ingredients, farming, food chains, science, environment and development – all ages and gaming abilities.

To download the game please either download it directly from Google Play Store or Apple store or get it from the Swiss pavilion website:

– The game is available on Android and iPhone devices and web-based version –

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