Italian news coverage for Plantwise exhibit at Expo Milano 2015

Check out some Italian news coverage about the interactive Plantwise exhibit at Expo Milano 2015!

The interactive Plantwise exhibit featured at Expo Milano 2015 was covered in the Italian news!
The interactive Plantwise exhibit featured at Expo Milano 2015 was covered in the Italian news!

The Plantwise programme is featured at the Swiss pavilion showing visitors how international development programmes, through the support of the Swiss Confederation and public funding are providing solutions for farmers to manage plant health challenges through timely, science-based knowledge. The exhibit has three main elements:

The gamespots exhibited at the Swiss Pavilion are themed by crop – rice, cacao and apple – and present a virtual plant clinic. Visitors can match images to facts and stats about strategic crops, pests and issues surrounding smallholder food security.

For Expo Milano 2015 Plantwise has launched the “Plant Doctor Game” – a free mobile app game available for Apple and Android devices as well as available as web-based game. The app enables visitors to step into the shoes of a smallholder farmer who needs to protect his or her crops. Download the app and help to save crops!

At the Swiss Pavilion, Plantwise also features a video about the story of one farmer, Phu, growing cocoa in Vietnam. Visitors learn about the daily challenges of a smallholder farmer in producing his crop, the importance of cocoa to his livelihood and how he uses advice from plant doctors to keep his crop healthy. The video introduces the chocolate making workshop organised by the Swiss Science Center Technorama, held twice a day at the Swiss Pavilion. Click here to watch the video: Video ‘Cocoa is my livelihood’ in English:

Visit the Swiss Pavilion webpage at:
For further information on Plantwise, please visit

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