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Dr Malvika Chaudhary, Plantwise Regional Coordinator, Asia, speaking with plant doctors in a Sri Lankan plant clinic. (Photo: A. Rehman)

“Plantwise bridges the gap between farmers and the knowledge they need to grow more and lose less to pests,” writes CABI’s Dr Malvika Chaudhary in a new blog post featured on AESA news. Click here to read the full story and share the latest news.

In the article, Dr Chaudhary gives insights into the progress of Plantwise regionally. “In South Asia, Plantwise operates in 4 countries- Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh and India,” writes Dr Chaudhary. “In both Sri Lanka and Nepal and the program is being scaled up with contributions from national partners….There has been exceptionally huge scaling up in Sri Lanka where the number of clinics has reached 175 followed by Nepal where the 25% of the clinics are nationally owned.”

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