E-plant clinics launched in Mozambique

E-plant clinic in Inhambane Province, Mozambique (© CABI)

E-plant clinics have been successfully launched in Mozambique this November, following two trainings and official launches. The trainings took place in a village called Tenga, Moamba near the capital city of Maputo (around 80 km), and in Morrumbene District near the city of Inhambane.

Training was delivered in partnership with the National Directorate of Agricultural Extension (DNEA), an institution of the Ministry of Agriculture in Mozambique.

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Backstopping visit to Hanoi, Vietnam

After our stay in Cambodia, Claire and I continued on our way to Hanoi, Vietnam on September 8th and 9th. From there we drove out to Hưng Yên province, visiting two plant clinics and an agro-dealer. We had the opportunity to speak with farmers and plant doctors about how clinics are going, and how useful they can be for farmers to seek advice on their crops. On the way, we enjoyed some pomelo and longans, and shared a cup of tea.  Afterwards, we headed back to the city and facilitated a backstopping training session about data management for 6 participants. Together, we identified bottlenecks in the data flow process, and discussed how they can be improved.

Plant doctors at Plant Clinic 8 in Hưng Yên province. ©CABI
Longan season in Hưng Yên province. ©CABI
Interview with the leader of Nhat Quang commune while sharing a cup of tea. ©CABI
Pomelo picked fresh from the tree! ©CABI
Visiting an agro-dealer and learning about the safety information available for farmers. ©CABI
Claire highlighting the importance of data management. ©CABI
The group visiting plant clinic 8 and talking with farmers about how much they valued the advice provided by plant doctors. ©CABI
Group photo from the backstopping data management training. ©CABI

Have you met Martin? New Plantwise Rwanda video featured on DailyDoGooder.com


If you have not had the opportunity to view the new Plantwise video, then please take a look. In these 3 minutes you will meet Martin, a young man working as a plant doctor near Kigali, Rwanda. Find out why he joined Plantwise and start to help farmers defend their vital crops against plant pests. Click here to watch.

A huge thank you to TheDailyDoGooder.com who has helped to spread the video to their network of subscribers, and allow Martin’s story to be heard by a wider audience. And of course, thank you to TMAX Productions for creating this video, CABI coordinator Noah Phiri and also Bellancilla Uzayisenga for your support.



Resolving pest problems in Trinidad and Tobago

Article by Shamela Rambadan, CABI Country Coordinator.

Sample of the slug and eggs © CABI
Sample of the slug and eggs © CABI

In Trinidad and Tobago many Plantwise plant clinics have been implemented to provide free information and advice to smallholder farmers. To date there are 8 plant clinics in Trinidad and 2 are planned for Tobago. CABI Plantwise is partnered with the Ministry of Food Production with extension workers from the Ministry and the Department of Agriculture in Tobago trained by CABI to become plant doctors at local plant clinics. The plant doctors diagnose plant pest and diseases and provide recommendations as to the control. For plant samples that require further identification they are sent to the diagnostic facility at the Ministry of Food Production in Trinidad.

The plant clinic at St George West County Extension Office in Trinidad and Tobago recently received Merleen, a householder in desperate need to control the slug population on her prized Anthuriums. Merleen came to the clinic to seek advice to resolve the pest problem without the use of harsh chemicals. She noted that many of her Anthuriums died once the slugs started feeding on the leaves and has subsequently lost 24 out of 50 plants since the onset of the slug battle in September 2012. Merleen explained that in an attempt to control the slug population she would go out into her garden late at night armed with a flashlight to identify the slugs and table salt which she applied directly onto the slugs in order to destroy them. Despite a small reduction in population, the slugs kept coming back night after night.   Continue reading

A Happy Brinjal Farmer in the North of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka plant doctor
The farmer studies the mites on his crop © CABI

In Sri Lanka many plant clinics are running to provide free advice to farmers. One such plant clinic at Mallavi vegetable market, received a desperate farmer with an unknown problem in his brinjal crop in the beginning of May 2013. He was fed up of using different pesticides suggested by the local agro-chemical dealer and spending lots of money for nothing so wanted to quit brinjal farming. Find out how the plant clinic team helped him and saved his crop by reading the full case study at http://www.plantwise.org/default.aspx?site=234&page=4321

Plantwise Photo Of The Month – June

Plant clinic in Machakos, Kenya
Plant clinic in Machakos, Kenya © CABI

Photo Of The Month for June shows a plant clinic during market day at a village near Machakos, 50 kilometers outside Kenya’s capital city Nairobi. The photo shows a farmer showing a crop sample to a plant doctor, who is using his knowledge and reference material on the table to diagnose what is wrong with the crop and provide management information to the farmer.  You can read more about plant clinics in Kenya here

Plantwise news update May 2013

PlantwiseLeaves150x150The latest Plantwise newsletter is here. Click ‘Read more’ to find out about the launch of Plantwise in Ghana, discussions on greater collaboration between CABI and agricultural stakeholders in Myanmar,  support for Plantwise from the European Union, and developments in the Knowledge Bank.

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