Introduction of remote microscopy (RM) into ASEAN Regional Diagnostic Network (ARDN)

The lack of taxonomists is very much a global issue, hence the establishment of the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI) and the BioNET International and its LOOPs. In ASEAN countries, the shortage of in-country taxonomic expertise to identify plant pests and diseases is often compounded by difficulties in access to taxonomic expertise abroad. Thus, ASEANET and CABI SEA, working together, established the ASEAN Regional Diagnostic Network (ARDN) to offer a one-stop centre that provides plant health and safety services, ranging from offering of diagnostic tools to taxonomic expertise support. Making full use of advancements in technology and the Internet, ARDN brings taxonomic expertise in more advanced nations to developing countries to help them expedite the identification of new pests and diseases, to support pest management decision-making as well as the development of reliable plant health status information for market access.
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