Rallying around plant health in Jamaica

Plant doctor Andrea Legg showing farmers an instar of the beet armyworm during the “understand the beet to beat the beet” module of the plant health rally held on May 31, at the St. Elizabeth  Agri-Fest (Credit: Marina Young, RADA, Jamaica)

The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), Research and Development Division (R&D) and Plant Quarantine Produce Inspection (PQPI) – all agencies of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries of Jamaica – teamed up  with CABI Plantwise to prepare the first of a series of rallies on different plant health topics. A two-day workshop was held last month with a group of trained plant doctors on how to prepare and deliver a plant health rally.

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Las Clínicas de Plantas participaron en la conmemoración del 32º “Día de la Investigación Agraria” en Perú

El doctor de plantas Armando Valencia le explica al público presente la metodología que utiliza cuando realiza una clínica de plantas

El 14 de julio se llevó a cabo el 32º “Día de la Investigación Agraria” celebrado por el Instituto Nacional de Innovación Agraria (INIA) de Perú. El evento conmemora la importancia que tiene la investigación y el desarrollo de tecnologías en el área agrícola en el país. En este evento se reconoce el aporte que personas distinguidas han hecho a la investigación y a la agricultura durante su carrera profesional.

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How plant clinics are reaching female farmers in Honduras

Written by Eduardo Hidalgo and José Gómez

Plant clinic operation in the indigenous community of El Rodeo, Intibucá. Photograph by Eduardo Hidalgo, CABI.

The Plantwise programme supports local implementing organizations in their efforts to mainstream gender equality in their activities. The Plantwise steering committee in Honduras invited Olinda Rubio (Chief of Communications at the Ministry of Agriculture [SAG-SENASA] and gender expert), to join the team and lead the in-country Plantwise gender strategy, which focuses on ensuring the inclusion of both men and women groups, and tailoring plant clinic services to their needs.

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Clínica de plantas atendió en el Día Nacional de Protección de los Cítricos en Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Puesto de productores de cítricos en la feria. Fotografía de José Gómez

El sábado 18 de junio, se llevó a cabo el Día Nacional de Protección de los Cítricos. Esta actividad fue organizada por el Ministerio de Desarrollo Rural y Tierras, y se realizó en todos los departamentos del país. El Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria e Inocuidad Alimentaria (SENASAG), la Gobernación de Santa Cruz y la Asociación de Productores de Frutas se encargaron de realizar esta actividad en el Parque Urbano de Santa Cruz de la Sierra. La actividad contó con la presencia de empresas productoras y procesadoras de cítricos, empresas de insumos agrícolas, productores de zonas aledañas, y entidades del gobierno regional y nacional.

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Plantwise programme expansion in Brazil

Group picture at UFSCar’s maize field

Plantwise is being implemented and coordinated in Brazil by EMBRAPA in collaboration with Empaer and the local government of Mato Grosso. Last year, faculty members from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) at Lagoa do Sino campus, in Buri, São Paulo State, expressed their interest in incorporating the plant clinics approach into their extension services in order to provide technical assistance to the small farmers concentrated in that region, and expand the Plantwise programme to the São Paulo state. UFSCar is a higher-public education institution that has been recognized for the quality of their students and their research, as well as for the outreach to farmers through extension activities. Established in a 643 hectares farm, the UFSCar campus at Lagoa do Sino opened in 2011 and is one of the four campuses that make up the UFSCar. The region where UFSCar at Lagoa do Sino is located is characterized for large-industrialized farming operations as well as small family-owned farming operations.

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Plantwise Brazilian team participates at EMBRAPA’s “6th Field Day on Integrated Systems for Agricultural Production”

IMG_3621Dr Yelitza Colmenarez and José Gómez represented the Plantwise programme in a field day organized by the Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (EMBRAPA: Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation).  EMBRAPA is an affiliated institution to the Ministry of Agriculture, devoted to the advancement of Brazilian agriculture through technology. The event was hosted by EMBRAPA’s agro-silviculture unit in Sinop, Mato Grosso on Friday April 15 and had the participation of approximately 650 people.

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